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Smart, Affordable, Secure IOT Devices with No Contracts or Bills!

Water Alarm


Fast and Simple Setup

We have made the devices super easy to setup. All you need to do is connect to the WiFi network, enter your preferences then sit back and relax!


WiFi On-Board

There is no need to buy a expensive hub for the FunguyPro IOT devices. They have WiFi built in so they can connect directly to your WiFi router.


No Additional Payments

There is no fee's or contract's, once you buy the device you have access to all our services for free if you have less then 25 active online devices


One of the First Ad-Funded IOT Platforms

FunguyPro IOT is funded by ads that are non-interupting, so you there are no payments needed. If you don't like ads you can pay a monthly/yearly fee for running the servers and development.

Android/IOS Support

Simplisic Front End App for Android and IOS

Simplistic Front-End

We have made FunguyPro IOT devices super easy and simple to use. Most devices dont even require you to download/install anything! Just simply connect tot the device WiFi and enter your preferences! For the devices that do require an app, all you need to do is scan the devices QR code and it will automaticly inplement it into your phone


Available Devices

Water Alarm

A simple easy to use alarm to notify you of a water leak. You can choose to receive a E-Mail or Text-Message to alert you of a water leak.

More Info
Light Control

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED Lights that can be set to any color you can imagine from your smart device.

Coming Soon
Garage Door Control

Open/Close your garage door from anywhere. Also, see what state your garage door is in or be notified if you leave with it open.

Coming Soon
IR Control

Control your inferred devices with this device, program commands then control them in your app.

Coming Soon
Weather Monitoring

Track your outdoor tempurature, humidity, windspeed, wind direction, brightness, pressure, and more. Also, has the ability to upload to weatehr services such as wunderground.

Coming Soon
Pool Control

Control the heat, water outputs/inputs, and much more as well as being able to view the water tempurature, flow-rate, and more!

Coming Soon